7 responses to “Heliotropium angiospermum”

  1. Joe

    Could you please tell us the USDA zone for this plant and all future photos of the day?
    Thank you.

  2. Simon

    Thank you, that was a delightful and educating read.
    PS: For those who – like me – are easily challenged intellectually by numbers and mathematical terms, here’s a short series of youtube clips about Fibonacci sequences in – mainly – plants that even I understood

  3. Stephan

    Looks like the USDA zones are 8B-11

  4. Justin Lee

    Many plants display logarithmic spirals but do not conform to the Fibonacci sequence or the golden mean (1.618). Nautilus shells for example are frequently compared to the golden mean but in fact tend to average our somewhere around 1.4).
    Just making sure we all understand the same mathematical language :).

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Joe — we’ve had commenters in the past who added zone information for places around the world. I’d welcome that, but it’s not something I want to standardize into our written entries, as we already face enough conflicting information over names, plant families, and distributions to deal with regularly.
    Plus, we already have enough bias toward what is familiar to us because of where we live and our origins (e.g., North American-centric and English language). We try to be a bit more international in flavour and use international standards where possible.

  6. michael aman

    It is fun to view a distinctive plant part in your photos and try to guess the family before reading further. The spiral or scorpion tail-shape is common to many of the boraginaceae (think of forget-me-not flower heads expanding and extending).

  7. Fern Culhane

    Thoroughly enjoyed this piece and the comments as well. Actually this is true for many of the Botany Photo of the Day entries, just don’t usually have the time to tell you!
    The part about the spacing of the primordia makes so much sense! and I loved learning about the garden in Scotland! Thank you for all your work!

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