5 responses to “Clerodendrum quadriloculare”

  1. Wendy Cutler

    We saw lots of these in gardens and parks on Oahu, but always with purple rather than white flower stems. I assume that’s what the “(Blanco)” is about in the name (?). I don’t understand what it means having that in parenthesis, am interested to understand that.

  2. Karthik

    According to a online ‘Botanary’ (Botany + Dictionary), “clerodendrum” means ​”Chance (or luck) tree” and “quadriloculare” means “having four compartments”.
    Are these translations accurate? If so, there is a whole genus of ‘lucky’ plants!
    Which part does “quadriloculare” refer to?

  3. Lynne Brookes

    What a great descriptive write up and personal story to go with the fine photo of this lovely flower. Thank you Dr. Foote!

  4. Michael Wall

    Ditto Lynne’s comment. Fun and personal that what botany should be. Another fascinating plant and I am happy you also added the invasiveness properties Dr. Foote. Thank You.

  5. Lee Foote

    Lynne and Michael: Thanks for the kind words and thanks to Daniel for keeping beauty and information in front of us from around the world.

    Many people are very plant-centric, and the pure unadulterated beauty and intrinsic wonder of plants feeds their souls. I have a dash of that but the history, human involvement and utility also colour my view of plants. There really isn’t a wrong way to enjoy them, some with butter and salt even!


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