6 responses to “Arctostaphylos pallida”

  1. Marilyn Brown

    So very lovely. Thanks for interesting info, Tamara. I’m really enjoying your contributions.

  2. Elaine

    up here in extreme North California we have manzanita that has pink blooms. I don’t know what kind it is. I have always loved it though. it does grow every where and is thick. thank you for this wright up. it is interesting to know about this rare kind.

  3. michael aman

    In my experience, hikers on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire resent a foggy day when the peaks are socked in by clouds. But I enjoy it for the alpine plants. How can they not appreciate arctostaphylos and other rare beauties with fog condensation dripping off their leave? They have to watch their feet carefully anyway. Why not enjoy the low-growing, crevice-filling gems all about them?

  4. Nadia

    Just beautiful

  5. Robin Day

    We have two species in Newfoundland & Labrador A.alpina and A.uva-ursi. A.alpina often grows with Diapensia lapponica.

  6. Ron B

    There are other manzanita species which produce leaves with that same general shape also.

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