6 responses to “Nelumbo nucifera”

  1. Bonnie

    That first photo totally looks like a delicious olive and cracker hors d’oeuvre.
    And seriously, this is a fascinating write-up!

  2. Ginny

    Many thanks, Tamara and Daniel, for this very interesting write-up on N. nucifera. I’ve tried growing N. lutea from seed several times, but although they germinate easily, they always peter out afterwards. This inspires me to try again!

  3. michael aman

    Thanks, Tamara, for such a fine write-up. N. lutea is a favorite memory from my childhood in New York state and shallow lakes and ponds. I’d love to see N. nucifera.

  4. Katherine

    Out of all the lotus info to potentially cover, I’m so glad you picked self-cleaning. That was very interesting. Excellent choice!

  5. alison Place

    The self-cleaning info is very interesting indeed!
    Related to that, I remember reading in one of my books on Chinese symbolism (either ‘Five Colours of the Universe’ or ‘In the Presence of the Dragon Throne’) that a lotus and egret placed together in a composition stood for incorruptibility in a public official, as they both rise from the mud unsullied.

  6. Saraswathi jonna

    Dear Sir, if you add the picture of carpels to this article the we knows how preciously it preserves it’s progeny.Thank you for your write-up

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