5 responses to “Iris unguicularis”

  1. Sue Frisch

    Fabulous color! Looking forward to seeing the crocus eventually, too.

  2. jessica

    What’s not to love…gorgeous flower in winter, and fragrant, too! Why isn’t this more available in the gardening trade. Sounds perfect.
    Thanks for the pick-me-up.

  3. john voss

    very good photo- comes across on my screen as almost ‘real’- I imagine a great deal of effort was responsible for this effect. kudos.

  4. Peony Fan

    Lovely! It’s amazing to me that this fragile-looking flower emerges during the inhospitable winter months. I wonder what the pollinators are in the iris’ native habitats.

  5. Ron B

    To answer jessica above two issues are that the flowers may be spoiled by slugs and a virus problem has developed among cultivated stocks. Nevertheless you can find it being offered with some searching.

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