9 responses to “Eucalyptus tetraptera”

  1. Bonnie

    Golly, those totally look like they come from outer space.

  2. michael aman

    Square–what a strange idea that a living organism would take on this form. So eucalyptus employs square,mint stems are square, I suppose some diatoms are square, and of course Sponge Bob Square Pants…..

  3. Eric Hunt

    Such a beautiful species!
    I photographed the fading stamens and the clear 4-sided hypanthium in the parking lot of a winery in southwestern Victoria State, a couple hours outside of Melbourne:

  4. Julie

    Amazing flowers! What a great photo. Does anyone know what US zones this might grow in?

  5. Bonnie

    How wonderful to see something as I sit in my office that I would not see in person. I did a double take with this square flower. 🙂

  6. Tamara Bonnemaison

    The B&T World Seeds website lists it as USDA Zone 9.

  7. Cora

    Woah, never seen anything like that! So cool, Tamara!!

  8. Deb Musselman

    Square flowers! ~~ at least, the ‘frame’ is square. Is this as rare as I believe it to be?? I’ve always assumed that nature abhors straight lines and right angles, except, I guess, in crystalline forms such as snowflakes? Surely there are not many plants which demonstrate thus – I hope??! It’s beautiful – I guess!

  9. Tamara

    What a Stunner. Thank you for posting. Its a rarity to see such extraordinary flora and fauna.

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