Anemone blanda

A short entry from Taisha today, who writes:

A few weeks ago, I spotted a nice pop of purple (a colour that usually catches my eye) tucked away behind the Garden’s amphitheatre. A closer look revealed it was Anemone blanda. In the Ranunculaceae, Anemone blanda is also known as the Grecian windflower or winter windflower. The genus Anemone is composed of about 120 species of perennials found mostly in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Within the genus, members can be divided into three groups: woodland and alpine pasture species that flower in the spring, Mediterranean or Central Asia species with early summer blooms, and larger herbaceous species that flower later summer into autumn.

Anemone blanda, is a herbaceous perennial native to southeast Europe and Turkey. This species is valued for its daisy-like appearance in the spring. The winter windflower is a spreading species that is great for the garden and prefers well-drained soil with partial sun–making it good to plant under deciduous trees which can help provide its preferred conditions.

Anemone blanda
Anemone blanda

6 responses to “Anemone blanda”

  1. Connie Hoge

    How lovely, Taisha!
    So nice to see them all in profile, as if I were sitting with them at a play or concert.
    I am glad you are staying the summer.

  2. Peony Fan

    Great photos! I love all the anemones (even the slightly, uh, invasive ones).

  3. Betty Wheatley

    I need something as pretty, invasive, and which will grow under CONIFEROUS trees in CALGARY …. sure you have no answer!

  4. Cheryl Henley

    These pretty flowers are only mildly (pleasantly) invasive here in zone 5 Utah at about 5000 ft. – lovely waves of purple smile up at the sun soon after the crocuses and as soon as enough snow has melted!

  5. Joy Klein

    Awesome! They look like graduates all eager to move on to their new challenges in life. All pretty in purple!

  6. Margot

    Hi, looking at an old entry this morning, I also opened the clustrmap and noticed that it showed people currently logged in. I wondered whether with your programme changes I might need to re-register, because I have not received a BPotD today. I have received the odd photo lately but certainly not as in the past.
    I miss starting my day with your postings and would really appreciate it if you could investigate the problem.
    Thank you for all the joy, stimulation and learning your photos and write-ups bring me.
    Kind regards

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