4 responses to “Erythronium revolutum”

  1. Ron B

    Ethnobotanical histories of certain native plants such as the one given here could be taken to imply that in the old days they were far more abundant or concentrated in occurrence.
    Seattle area gardeners can see this species in season at the Edward B Dunn Gardens and at the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden.

  2. Peony Fan

    Great photo and interesting write-up, thank you.

  3. jessica

    Delightful photo of a beautiful flower.
    I love reading how the plant was used by the local native people. Always a fascinating insight into the relationship between plants and people.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Sue Vargas

    With the winter we have been having here in Michigan, we need beautiful reminders that Spring is coming. Spring has scheduled herself for today, but still so very cold here.

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