7 responses to “Silene acaulis”

  1. Betsy Ann Baker

    What a charming plant! I’d like to know, in the third picture is the plant growing over something? Thanks, as always for the wonderful photos and information.

  2. Deborah Lievens

    I’ve had the privilege of doing rare plant surveys for this plant on Mt. Washington in NH. +/- 6200′ It does form those nice hummocks. A very special plant. I’d love to get more info from Hans Roemer re lichens and other plants in his picture.

  3. Sue Frisch

    Fabulous photos! (You’ve been missed.)

  4. Peony Fan

    Am I the only person who thinks that the third photo of the series looks like a bowler hat? Fascinating! Interesting write-up and good photos.

  5. Jessica

    That’s adorable.
    It’s always so amazing to see a tough little guy like that flourishing among a stoney landscape.
    Yes, it does look like a bowler hat! LOL
    So cute.
    Thanks for all the info and great photos.

  6. Tracey

    Had to smile when I saw these photos. All I can say is “Location, location location!”

  7. Erin

    I saw this gem in Grand Teton National Park on the way to the saddle of Grand Teton. So nice to see it again!

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