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  1. Richard Old

    Readers should be careful not to confuse Carex macrocephala with the exotic Carex kobomugi, which is superficially similar and occurs in the same habitat.

    1. Cam

      Anyone know the species name of that blue green tinged second species in the photo? Looks like this also (Sunshine Coast BC – photo)

  2. Dee O'Brien

    Daniel, I hope you will post many more plant pictures from your trip to Haida Gwaii. I wonder if you found some interesting mosses there too!

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Carex kobomugi is so far only reported from the east coast of the USA and Oregon, within North America. This is in addition to its native east Asia distribution.

  4. karen

    I can’t help thinking what a GREAT calendar that could make!
    Interesting about Carex macrocephala finding its way to NJ! I’ve got to read more on that!
    Thanks for this post!

  5. Wishner

    This is such a distinctive species, I had to look it up in my copy of Field Guide to the Sedges of the Pacific Northwest (Wilson et al. [date unspecified]), where there is more information about this very specialized dune sedge, and the threats from Ammophila arenaria, housing developments, and even herbicide treatment because walking barefoot on the perigynia is painful. The mention of look-alike C. kobomugi there does not include a comparative picture. Maybe that could be an upcoming BotPD?
    Carl Wishner

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