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  1. Andrea

    This year was an unusually high-blooming year, with a lot of speculation as to why.

  2. tracy evans

    It is so nice that you included the pollinator information. I am often amazed how little we know about the invertebrates associated with plant species. Thank you for your thorough description.

  3. Denis

    I realize you all are botanists and not entimologists, but a name like Tegeticula antithetica sort of begs for an explanation of the story behind the specific epithet.
    I could go hunting on the internet for it, but I’d suggest that it might be an interesting bit of cross polination, if you will, for the folks down the hall, up the elevator or across the green to do a follow up entry on the name and, perhaps a little more on the symboitic relationship between the moths and the Joshua trees.

  4. Dianne Saichek

    The flowering body reminds me of an artichoke. Are they related?

  5. Steve Edler

    Dianne. At last a question I can answer & the answer is they are not related. Yucca is a Monocot, one of the three groups of flowering plants that includes grasses, lilies & orchids. Artichoke (globe) is a Eudicot, another group that includes thistles, roses & lots more.

  6. David Hollombe

    According to the original description of the species by O. Pellmyr: “Etymology. The species epithet refers to the geographic distribution of the species, at the opposite margin of the Mojave desert from its sister species, T. synthetica”

  7. elizabeth a airhart

    florida has a form of yucca ti’s in the agavaceae
    or agave family,one common name is Spanish dagger
    thank you all for the comments fun interesting group

  8. Ginger Steele

    A botanist friend who grew up in China Lake, California, told me some years ago that linear patterns can be seen from the air in populations of Joshua Tree. The theory was proposed that tank maneuvers in Death Valley may have abraded seeds in a manner that replicates natural abrasion of the seed coat during flash flood events in the region.

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