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  1. Pygge Lord

    Beautiful photo!! I collect Pelargonium species and this is one of the really funny looking ones, with it’s weird fleshy square stems. I have mine hanging in a basket. Not sure how to keep it otherwise. It’s quite a fast grower and I highly recommend it as a potted plant, ornamental even without flowers. It’s a great family to collect due to the diversity and the xerophytes are my favourites. People just can’t believe it when you tell them it’s a ‘Geranium’ (we call them Pelargoniums in Swedish, so that is what I say). Then you walk over to next weird, totally different looking, plant and they ask what it is and it’s another Geranium – and so on. Not to forget the really big ones. Difficult to keep indoors during the winter, but well worth it, since they are great lookers oudoors in the summer. I have a cutting of P. hispidum and I can almost see it grow. Pelargoniums are great!!

  2. Lynn Cook

    Is seed, or plants, of Pelargonium tetragonum available in the USA?

  3. Edith

    Lack of knowledge question here. I thought a square stem implied mint family. How far off the mark (wrong) am I?
    Pretty flower!

  4. Anna

    I’m with Pygge on this one. Geraniums are great to collect. I like all the fragrant varieties too. I hail from Sweden and have noticed that the interest in Geraniums is much greater in Sweden than in North America. I wonder why? Thank you for the write-up Taisha!

  5. entire leaves

    Lynn I got seed from either Silverhill Seeds in South Africa or Chiltern in the UK (can’t remember which one). Pelargonium and Geranium seeds are pretty expensive though because it is difficult to collect.
    This one is easy to grow once it germinates. Very cool plant.

  6. misterF

    @Lynn Cook – I just purchased a potted Pelargonium tetragonum this past weekend at a Succulent Society sale in San Diego, CA.

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