4 responses to “Fritillaria eastwoodiae”

  1. Deb Lievens

    As a rare plant monitor, I enjoyed your comments about access and photography. I’ve done some serious rock hopping in the White Mtns. In the Northeast, we have poison ivy, but thankfully most of us never have to be concerned with rattlers. There is only one known population in NH.

  2. Maureen Shaughnessy

    Intriguing story, Daniel. And … Lovely photo

  3. Mark Egger

    Mark Egger here (since I can’t remember my password). Your story brought a smaile to my face, as I wish I had some photos of myself trying to photograph rare plants while minimizing disturbance. Some of them have been of truly yogic posture, as in one knee and one elbow on bare patches of stony ground while clinging to branches above with one hand and clicking the camera with the other…

  4. Connie Hoge

    Stunningly gorgeous photo! focus, color, line, negative space…

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