Elaeagnus commutata

Just a quick one for today; Taisha will have some lengthier entries for later this week. Today’s photograph is from long-time contributor Lotus Johnson of Victoria, BC (aka ngawangchodron@Flickr (original image via the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool). Thank you!

I’ve previously shared the silvery autumn foliage of Elaeagnus commutata, or silver-berry, on BPotD, With today’s image, Lotus demonstrates the green spring foliage, the flower and the fine-scaled leaves of this western and northern North America native. Please see the prior entry or the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center’s information sheet for additional reading about Elaeagnus commutata.

Elaeagnus commutata

2 responses to “Elaeagnus commutata”

  1. Stuart Adank

    I have one of these friendly plants in a 10 gallon pot….pretty tall…. Anything I should be doing to it to increase the probability of a flower or 2?? sadly I have yet to see any produced……do they like it dry and shady? or hot and wet?? or none of the above???

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Don’t like wet, in general, so I imagine well-draining soil and not shady at a minimum. After that, if they flower in Victoria and flower in Jasper, I suspect a wide range of tolerance to variables such as day length and heat in cultivated situations.

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