Dicranella heteromalla

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Today’s photo of Dicranella heteromalla, or dicranella moss, was taken by Robert Klips (aka Orthotricum@Flickr) on November 24, 2012 in Delaware County, Ohio, USA. Thanks Robert!

Dicranella heteromalla is a member of the Dicranaceae. This common moss species is found at low to high altitudes across North America, Europe, eastern Asia, and northeast Africa as well as sporadically in South America, Central America and some Atlantic Islands. It tends to grow in shaded, disturbed areas with acidic soil.

This dioicous species grows 10-40mm in height in yellow to dark-green shiny tufts. Like all plants, there is an alternation of generations life cycle. Bryophytes are gametophyte-dominant (the main photosynthetic phase), and the cushiony form bears the nutritionally-dependent sporophyte. To learn more, see UBC Professor of Teaching Shona Ellis‘s short video on the life cycle of mosses.

Dicranella heteromalla

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  1. michael aman

    Hooray for mosses!

  2. Ian Crown

    Decades ago, when I was giving lectures on house plants to garden clubs, plant societies, strangers in a bar, I thought it would be fun to do a spoof on plant breeding with suggestive slides. A couple of petunia stems on a couch, mood lighting with candles, etc. Liven it up. Wake up folks in the back row. Then I clicked on the Shona Ellis link. Superb, very funny, educational, sound effects putting it over the top. Then I saw this link:
    Plant porn at its finest/worst! Oh my. Daniel, definitely check out the link before you publish this comment!

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