Mammillaria prolifera

My favourite of the Volunteer Park Conservatory glasshouses was the cacti and succulents house, since I was pleased to see what could be accomplished with growing these typically sun-loving plants in an area of the world not known for its sunshine.

Mammillaria prolifera is native to Texas, Mexico, Cuba and Hispaniola. A variety in Texas and northern Mexico, Mammillaria prolifera var. texana, is recognized by the Flora of North America. The FNA also gives a hint to identifying the species (as long as one is north of the USA-Mexico border: “the hairlike radial spines of Mammillaria prolifera provide an instant means of identifying this species, even without reproductive material”. Common names include Texas nipple cactus (note the red fruit in the background or see this photograph), little candles, and silver cluster cactus.

If search engine results are anything to go by, this species is relatively common in cultivation. Growing information is available via the RHS: Mammillaria prolifera.

Mammillaria prolifera

4 responses to “Mammillaria prolifera”

  1. Bonnie

    This is a very striking photograph.

  2. Eric Hunt

    The cactus and succulent wing at the Volunteer Park Conservatory is definitely the most interesting part of the collection.
    I have a photo of the same plant.
    I prefer yours – better contrast and depth of field.

  3. Jessica

    That’s a beautiful photo. Almost makes you want to pet those furry little guys….until you remember that it’s a prickly little fella. LOL
    Great site!

  4. mona

    That is an extraordinary photo.

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