Diaphananthe pellucida

Today’s entry was written by Bryant:

Thank you to frequent BPotD contributor Bart Wursten (aka zimbart@Flickr) for today’s images of Diaphananthe pellucida, submitted via the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool (image 1 | image 2).

This primarily epiphytic (sometimes lithophytic) member of the Orchidaceae is native to evergreen forested areas in a number of different African nations. Diaphananthe pellucida grows at elevations between 600 and 1800 meters (~2000-6000 feet). Plants are commonly located in moist pockets on tree trunks and branches. The flowers typically measure about 2cm (.7 inches) across, and occur abundantly on long downward-drooping racemes (20-50cm). More photographs of this species in its native habitat can be found via the species page for Diaphananthe pellucida on the Tropicos website.

Diaphananthe pellucida
Diaphananthe pellucida

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  1. Elizabeth parnis


  2. Nette

    Stunning. Thank you.

  3. Bart Wursten

    The altitude range of this species goes quite a bit lower than 600 m in Central Africa. The specimen in the photographs was found at c. 450m and I have recorded this species in DRC before at c. 380m.

  4. Bonnie

    It’s a beautiful flower with an even more beautiful name.

  5. mizbonnie

    A wonderful photograph and I appreciate the links.

  6. Carole Miller

    I’m with mizbonnie. The links really make you appreciate this plant. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

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