Pholistoma auritum

I learned today that California’s Pinnacles National Monument is one signature away from becoming the USA’s 59th National Park, so I decided to highlight something from my all-too-brief trip there a few years ago.

Pholistoma auritum is a small (to 15cm), fleshy annual species of California, Nevada and Arizona. In California, the species is found in “ocean bluffs, talus slopes, woodlands, streambanks, canyons, desert scrub” from elevations of 0-1900m (0-6200ft.). For the most part, it occupies the southern two-thirds of the state, with only one-few disjunct populations in the north. Common names for the species include fiestaflower or blue fiestaflower.

Pholistoma auritum
Pholistoma auritum

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  1. flora

    thanks for sharing!:) nice shots

  2. Eric Hunt

    Pinnacles completely deserves to be a National Park. It’s a spectacular place.
    Here’s another photo of this species, taken along the entrance road to the western entrance:

  3. Wendy McClure

    Pinnacles is fascinating geologically as well as botanically. It is half of an old volcano located on the San Andreas fault which moved north millions of years ago, leaving the other half, much eroded, near Los Angeles. It is also the site where condors are released.

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