Clematis gouriana

As always, catching up on work after an absence, so another brief entry today. Thank you to apasar@Flickr, who I think is from India, for sharing today’s photograph via the UBC Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool. Much appreciated!

Clematis gouriana is native to temperate and tropical Asia, including the country of today’s photograph, India. In habitat, it is found along streams, scrubs and slopes at low to mid-elevations (ref: Flora of China’s entry on Clematis gouriana). Magnus Johnson’s The Genus Clematis expands on the habitat: “in forests and jungles, thickets, along streams and among ruins where it covers large areas”. Johnson also quotes an 1846 account by Wight in Icones Plantarum Indiae Orientalis: “This beautiful species flowers during the cool season. At this time, January, it is in full bloom in the jungles below Coonor, where it may be seen climbing to the tops of the highest trees completely covering them with such a profusion of white flowers as almost to conceal the tree that supports them”.

The epithet gouriana is named for where the species was first discovered (at least to Western science), the ruined city of Gour.

Clematis gouriana

5 responses to “Clematis gouriana”

  1. Bill Barnes

    Looks a lot like C. mandshurica .

  2. Kirsty

    Looks similar to Clematis aristata which is found in Australia.

  3. Jessica

    Charming and elegant.

  4. Connie Hoge

    And thank you for the link to Gour- I had never heard of it!

  5. Shirley

    What a little beauty!

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