Rosa ‘Auswinter’

A thank you to Pygge Lord of Sweden aka fotrristi@Flickr for contributing today’s photograph (original | Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Group Pool). ‘Tis appreciated!

Rosa ‘Auswinter’ is a hybrid shrub rose bred in the late 1990s by David Austin Roses, a cross between an unidentified seedling and Rosa ‘Auscot’. A US Plant Patent was received in January 2003 describing Rosa ‘Auswinter’‘s properties as “1. Tall, bushy, arching growth; 2. Quite large, neatly formed rosette shaped blooms with a strong, fruity tea rose fragrance; 3. Very good disease resistance; and 4. Repeat flowering”.

Commercially, this rose is typically sold under the name Crown Princess Margareta, a reference to Princess Margaret of Connaught. Crown Princess Margareta is a trade designation as opposed to the cultivar name; see trade designations and marketing names under the Wikipedia entry on cultivars.

Rosa 'Auswinter'

6 responses to “Rosa ‘Auswinter’”

  1. Ann Rein

    The minute I saw this rose I knew it was what I have in my garden, under the name Crown Princess Margareta. She is lovely, and going to bloom again soon 🙂

  2. Mike Bush

    Gosh – I can almost smell it!
    And until “scent cartridges” are developed as additional hardward for computers, I’ll enjoy my visits to public gardens.

  3. Irma in Sweden

    Austin roses are very fascinating and they brought back the scent to roses not just a fancy form

  4. Irma in Sweden

    Crown Princess Margareta was the grandmother of the present Swedish king. She died 1920 of acute blood-poisoning while 8 months pregnant. She had given birth to 5 children. She was very interested in gardening (beeing English) and she and Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf established a fine garden (Sofiero) in the south of Sweden. It was their summer home. She also had 2 books published “Our garden at Sofiero” and “From the Flower Garden” with her own drawings and photos.

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    a real beauty on this september night i do like the roses
    that like to climb walls and make the lovely fences
    along the indiana country back roads in my long ago memory bank
    a saying come into my gaden my roses would like to meet you
    thank you

  6. lynn wohlers

    I knew immediately it was a David Austin…wish I could smell it through the computer, as suggested above…and isn’t it wonderful that so many roses hang on through the fall?

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