Harewood Plains

Bryant has already shared some of his photographs from the mid-May trip to Harewood Plains near Nanaimo, but I thought I’d share one of my own featuring both Mimulus guttatus (common monkeyflower) and Plectritis congesta (sea blush). You can read more about that trip (if you haven’t already done so) from Bryant’s accounts: UBC Botanical Garden Garry Oak Ecosystem Trip and a couple BPotD entries: Lotus pinnatus and Quercus garryana Ecosystems.

Harewood Plains

4 responses to “Harewood Plains”

  1. Barbara Lamb

    Thanks for a cheery sight on a dreary day!

  2. elizabeth a airhart

    thank you daniel this 47% loves botony a day i live florida usa
    cherrful fields of flowers make many of my days just a little nicer
    have you taken an autum picture yet

  3. al jablan

    Indeed the colours are loverly.
    As far as the fall change of colours, it has begun in Algoma and I noted a strange occurrence just yesterday travelling from the TCH to Thielmann Rd. then to Lake Superior.
    There was a significant change of colour for 1 km then a return to summer foliage. Nearer to the Lake again the maples were turning uniformly scarlet orange and red but the birches not yet yellow.
    Then the strangest sight the underside of branches foliage already orange yellow and red but the tops still summer green.
    I could paint it but havent been able to use my 300 $ camera beyond blink battery dead for ten years so I cant photograph it.
    The Algoma Central Fall Colour train should be starting about now
    but you can see the same profusion of colour from the TCH.

  4. Jessica

    That’s heavenly.
    Thanks for another delightful photo.

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