Hakea victoria

Brief entries when they occur for the remainder of this week, as I’m away from the office.

A thank you to Rotuli@Flickr for sharing today’s image via the UBC Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool.

Native to a small area of Western Australia, Hakea victoria is an erect shrub growing to 3m tall. Its common names include royal hakea and lantern hakea. For additional photographs, see Hakea victoria via FloraBase: the Western Australia Flora.

Hakea victoria

6 responses to “Hakea victoria”

  1. Heather Glassford

    Wow, this looks like the glowing embers of a campfire. Western Australia is such a treasure trove of interesting plants.

  2. kate clover

    Beautiful! What fabulous color and texture. Thanks for the vicarious travel to Australia.

  3. Wendy Cutler

    Funny. Here in the northern hemisphere, I looked at that and thought it’s such a great image for fall, but it’s spring in Australia where this was taken.

  4. Mary Beth Borchardt

    Phenomenal color…….Thanks.
    Wish I could have one in my Georgia, US, garden…

  5. Robert L Dolan

    The additional photos at FloraBase are equally stunning. I saw a view that gave some perspective to the size of this plant. I am so glad that this plant is not using it’s brilliance to carnivorous ends.

  6. Penny Lee

    Once seen this plant is never forgotten. They often have the sun behind them and look almost as though they are alight on hillsides as you drive or walk past. Fitzgerald National Park is currently having a rather contentious road put through. Given that there is already dieback in the park, this is considered an ill advised development by some people. I recently saw an example of this plant growing and looking very healthy in Perth’s Kings Park, north of the south coast where the Fitzgerald River is located but it didn’t have the fiery glow, whether because it’s not the right time of the year or because of some difference in the soils I don’t know.

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