Plectania campylospora

Two Australian photographers to thank for today’s photographs: kjbeath@Flickr aka Ken Beath is responsible for this photograph and Rotuli@Flickr contributed the other image. Both were submitted via the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool. Thanks to both of you!

Plectania campylospora, or brown forest cup, is native to southeastern Australia and New Zealand, even though most species of Plectania are typically found in temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere. I’ve not had much luck tracking down the origin of Plectania, but the prefix plecto– means “twisted”. The epithet campylospora is generated from campylo- meaning “bent” and -spora, “spores”, a characteristic noted in JD Hooker’s Flora Antarctica: the Botany of the Antarctic Voyage (published in 1855): “Sporidia oblong, strongly curved, 1/750 in. long”. Microphotographs of the curved spores are available via New Zealand’s Landcare Research: Plectania campylospora.

Plectania campylospora is a species of wet forests, where it inhabits rotting wood.

Plectania campylospora
Plectania campylospora

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