Adonis pyrenaica

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Thank you to beranekp@Flickr for sharing another image with us today: Adonis pyrenaica via the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool. Much appreciated.

Adonis pyrenaica is a clump forming perennial native to the Pyrenees of Spain and France, and a few isolated locations in the Maritime Alps. Plants grow in moist rocky pastures and on coarse settled scree at elevations between 1300-2500m. The leaves form on stems that usually range from 20-50cm high, although their height can vary depending on local conditions. Adonis pyrenaica is one of the standouts in its native region for its large bright yellow flowers and its ability to form colonies.

Cultivating Pyrenean pheasant’s eye out of its native range is challenging but can be done successfully if the proper precautions are taken. The seeds have a very short period of viability, and therefore obtaining fresh seeds is very important (which can be a difficult task – check specialist alpine gardening nurseries). Plants should be grown in moist soil that won’t dry out. It is recommended that a few large rocks be placed in the bed. The roots apparently grow deeply, so deep soil must also be provided.

Adonis pyrenaica

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  1. Sue Frisch

    Daniel… you present such a wonderful array of plants, botanical information, photos and good write-ups. Thank you, thank you for all the work and devotion that you have put into creating this resource! And thanks, too, for the sheer enjoyment of the daily surprises.

  2. Vel Rhodes

    Thanks for this photo. I have been drooling for many years over photos of Adonis. Have tried growing them several times from seed but without any luck. Now I know why. Thanks for the info. Vel Rhodes.

  3. Ken

    Adonis is a very appropriate name for the genus.

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    happy yellow and wish i could travel to see it in bloom
    thank you for shareing daniel and company

  5. DrBob

    In Greek mythology, Adonis was Venus’ mortal lover. He met an untimely demise, killed by a wild boar. Venus imortalised him by turning him into such a bright blossom.

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