Amerorchis rotundifolia

Small-flowered but still showy, Amerorchis rotundifolia is today’s featured species in the orchids of Manitoba series. The species is broadly distributed across Canada, some northern US states and Greenland. Where I’ve seen it in Manitoba and British Columbia, I’ve only seen a few plants here and there, but it can be found in large numbers in the right places.

The Flora of North America illustration for Amerorchis rotundifolia shows the single round leaf found at the base of the aboveground part of each plant, as do some of the photographs in the British Columbia E-Flora Photo Gallery: Amerorchis rotundifolia.

Amerorchis is a monotypic genus, with Amerorchis rotundifolia the only representative.

Amerorchis rotundifolia

6 responses to “Amerorchis rotundifolia”

  1. dori

    Looks like a little angel with a fancy hat

  2. Jessica

    It looks like it might be trying to be pollinated by flies or bees wearing their pajamas! LOL
    What a cutie.
    I’m loving this tour of our native orchids! Keep ’em coming.
    Thanks so much,

  3. elizabeth a airhart

    there now daniel has posted a picture of a little folk all dressed up
    for party time they all must have a really big night
    beautiful lovely native thank you daniel and company

  4. Ellen

    Love the comments above and especially the photos & descriptions to look forward to every day. So glad my friend told me about your site. Thank you.

  5. Brenda Varnado

    Looks like Chicken Little underneath a purple umbrella. No, little one, the sky is not falling! No need to speckle yourself with worry. Wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Tiiu Mayer

    An amusing flower for sure that tickles everyone’s imagination in different way–the Rorschach test of botany. Me, I see a little gingerbread man wearing Easter camouflage. If I had one, I would jump out of bed in the morning and run to the garden to see it.

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