Lamium album

Updated (belatedly) on June 20, 2012: the photographer had a misidentification with the image. The original image posted was instead Lamium galeobdolon — fortunately, the photographer had an additional image of this species, so that was inserted in instead.

Thank you to Michaël Mazars (aka Mikl – (CRBR)@Flickr) for sharing an image with us via the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool (original image). Always great to highlight a new contributor!

Known as ortie blanche in France (where the photograph was made), other common names for Lamium album include white deadnettle and bee nettle. This species is native to Europe and western Asia, though it has now naturalized in eastern Canada, northeastern USA, Alaska and Mississippi.

Lamium album

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  1. Old Ari

    Shouldn’t you give some indication of the size, of the original? As I remember the plant is only a few inches(cms) tall

  2. Marilyn Brown

    This luminous photo lifts my heart — thank you for the beauty you bring to us.

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Ari, yes, I likely should. But I’m on vacation, and it was a beautiful day outside. Wikipedia mentions it grows between 50-100cm tall.

  4. Pavel Krestov

    Lamium barbatum from the Russian Far East:

  5. Fern Culhane

    I was just photographing a cousin of this plant in our corner park…but it is comparatively a giant*, and the flowers are white with purple hoods. The leaves are clearly nettle-like, but I can now see that there are not leaves between the blossoms. Can’t wait to ask the gardener who works this bed to learn more. *(the flowering stalks stand about a meter high.)

  6. elizabeth a airhart

    have a fine vacation daniel you deserve one-fine closeup

  7. Michaël Mazars

    and thank you for the comments !
    I’ve made a mistake: this flower is a “Lamier jaune ou Ortie jaune (Lamium galeobdolon)”
    Of memory, it was between 20 or 40 cm high.
    The “white” model is the same flower, a link to my picture:

  8. J. Martin

    Superb…what a work of art! JM

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks for the correction, Michaël — I’ve made an update. It is a similarly excellent photograph, so I think all of the above comments with compliments should still apply!

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