Ptilotus spathulatus

A big thank you to boobook48@Flickr aka Lorraine Phelan for sharing today’s photograph from near Bannockburn, Australia, taken last November (original image via Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool). Much appreciated!

Cat’s paw or pussytails are native to much of southern Australia. FloraBase has additional images: Ptilotus spathulatus. A description of this species is available via PlantNET: Ptilotus spathulatus.

Ptilotus spathulatus

7 responses to “Ptilotus spathulatus”

  1. brenda

    It looks like one of those horror films, where you see the zombie cat thrust its paws out of the graveyard ground . . . just before it chases you.

  2. iris

    Brenda, have you been getting into the ptilotus? Thats very funny!

  3. Lani

    Oh, my, now I can’t see anything but zombie cat paws when I look at this picture! Variety in the plant world never ceases to amaze.

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    funny brenda –my first thought was of water ship down or the place
    one sends rabbits feet when they run out of luck
    is there a reason why it grows in a round circle

  5. Jane Annne

    Me too, I thought of bunny tails, thinking those are some scared rabbits!

  6. hong

    This is a very cute plant that looks fuzzy. And its color is light green which is graceful.

  7. thor

    -the above comments are cases of anthropomorphisms, or better yet,
    felinomorphisms (plants ‘evolving’ to fit humans’ comparisons with
    various animal species, such as cats). It helps to remember the plant, and is often reflected in common names.

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