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  1. Bill Barnes

    We need more Norm’s

  2. Natalie Barringer

    What an interestng plant and with such a perfectly “darling” name. Especially with such devious methods of getting nourishment! That botanist Darling found a real winner here.

  3. Peony Fan

    Wonderful photograph, Daniel. Thank you. Also good to hear about people like Norm.

  4. Ron B

    In addition to locations mentioned in previous posts can be seen right off Highway 199 in conspicuously signed Botanical Area turnoff.

  5. Raakel

    Stunning photograph Daniel!

  6. Jane / MulchMaid

    This is a lovely photo of the subject, and it’s made that much more special with your dedication. I didn’t know Norm Jensen, but I appreciate his enthusiasm. Thank you for commemorating a fellow plant lover this way.

  7. Daryl Thompson

    Happy Birthday Daniel!

  8. Wendy Cutler

    Thanks for the lovely photo and write-up.
    I had no idea these were birthday candles, but now that Daryl mentions it, they do look like sparklers on a cake. Happy birthday, Daniel. I know, Daryl just said that.

  9. Dianne Saichek

    What a sweet post! This is why I subscribe to BPOT. I get sick of reading about gratuitous killings in the news. This tribute to Norm made my day—-along with the beautiful photograph.

  10. Diana Ferguson

    Amazing light and color – thanks so much for this one.

  11. Toinette Lippe

    I’ve looked at your earlier entries and also gone to http://www.honda-e.com where there are indeed many wonderful pix, and then Wikipedia, but I’m not yet grasping how the flower turns into a carnivore. Do the sepals drop off and then the “hood” rises up above? Many of the pix show the hoods coming straight up out of the ground and none show the transition from flower to trap.

  12. Julie McIntosh Shapiro

    I will absolutely sorely miss my colleague in the field, Norm Jensen.
    I had the utmost pleasure going with him into the Siskiyou’s last summer on a trip with the American Penstemon Society, and what fun and joy we had with Norm, his photographs, his stories, experiences, knowledge and most of all Norm.
    I will miss him

  13. Diane G.

    The “pitchers” arise from vegetative growth–you can think of them as the leaves of the plant, albeit highly modified leaves! The inflorescences when pollinated lead to seeds, not pitchers. Planted seeds will first produce pitchers, then eventually flower, like many plants.
    From Wikipedia: ” Its flower is unusually shaped and complex, typically a sign of a close pollinator-plant specialization, but none have been identified.” Now that surprises me! I’d have thought someone would have answered that mystery by now.
    What a gorgeous picture!

  14. Susan Gustavson

    Fabulous photo, and a nice tribute to a fellow plant lover. Thanks.

  15. elizabeth a airhart

    even we unseen friends will miss norm jensen
    happy birthday daniel and thank you

  16. Laurel Beatty Dickenson

    Darlingtonia is a fun plant to interest kids in Botany. It can also be found in the Castle Lake area above Lake Siskiyou, along the road up to there, and in similar areas in Siskiyou County. It was one of my dad’s favorite plants and he enjoyed sharing it with people including my husband.
    I’ve thought Darlingtonia would be a pretty girls name.

  17. Vicky neeson

    I was so happy to find this.
    I knew Norm personally for a long time and once worked for him hosting a website
    Even though I had never actually met him in person he was an amazing man with such a passion for plants and would romp about for days trying to find unique plants to photograph
    I only in the later years of our friendship found out how prolific he was
    Truely enthusiatic
    He will be greatly missed and I am so happy that he will live on through his work helping find and take photographs of these plants.
    Thank you so much for sharing this
    kind regards

  18. Jeff Sherry

    Beautiful photo, I had visited the State Site north of Florence in 2006.

  19. lynn

    Thank you for pointing me here, Daniel – what an extraordinary photo!

    1. Wendy L Cutler

      I agree. I’ve seen it before, but my memory is not so good. It was exciting to see it again.

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