Orthotrichum stellatum

Another thank you to Orthotrichum@Flickr (aka Robert Klips) for sharing a photograph of a small wonder from Ohio (original posting via the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool).

I’ll also quote Robert’s accompanying text from Flickr, for stellate orthotrichum moss: “Orthotrichum stellatum is a cushion moss that grows in small tufts on tree trunks or limbs in moderately moist woodlands in eastern North America and parts of Europe. It is distinguished from several similar Orthotrichum species by techical features of the sporophyte capsule: immersed stomates bordered by horizontal, not upwardly-jutting cells, a deeply wrinkled shape when dry, and a peristome of 8 teeth tending not to become split into 16 teeth. This specimen was photographed March 17, 2012.”

One of those similar species that Robert mentions is Orthotrichum ohioense (via Ohio University).

Orthotrichum stellatum

3 responses to “Orthotrichum stellatum”

  1. Heather, Melbourne Australia

    I just love all these little worlds that make up our big world.

  2. Mirdza

    I too am delighted by the miniature world of plants. What tree does this prefer and is it harmful to the tree?

  3. elizabeth a airhart

    nature continues to amaze me i lived up north now here in florida
    where the trees just have all kinds of plants that grow on the
    trunks and hang from the limbsand turn a strange color after a rain
    we are a very early spring here and very dry and warm-bonjour

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