7 responses to “Fritillaria pudica”

  1. Elizabeth

    What a Gift
    finding this sweet plant in bloom!!

  2. Nuri Pierce

    Thank you, thank you so very much for the entomological story. The world is a richer place today for this stick insect being still alive. If only we all realized that we may be losing our greatest treasure in the biodiversity that is going extinct! Thanks again.

  3. Walt

    Great story on the walking stick; I saw some North American ones this September at the Bernheim Arboretum outside Louisville, Kentucky but these are outstanding. Maybe another island can be found with no rats and more vegetation like Chatham Island for these.

  4. wendy

    What a satisfying post! First a picture that dissolves all barriers to perception exposing a fresh small flower not only to view but seemingly to touch.
    Then the saga of the ‘Tree Lobster’. A birth leaving one exhausted from watching. A small green hope scurrying off to well-deserved life. Thank-you BPOTD.

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    after all the massive storms that moved across the usa
    it is good to see this sign that spring will come once again
    i live usa thank you lovely photo of a favorite yellow flower

  6. hong

    Pretty yellow flower with head down, yes, the word “ bashful” is suitable.

  7. Yanamara

    That is such a beauty,
    Many thanks!

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