Triphysaria eriantha

Another member of the broomrape family today, Triphysaria eriantha is known commonly as Johnnytuck or butter and eggs. These annual plants can be found throughout most of California and parts of southwest Oregon. Calphotos has additional images, including photographs of the plants in habitat: Triphysaria eriantha.

Triphysaria eriantha

4 responses to “Triphysaria eriantha”

  1. Connie Hoge

    What a beautiful photo- contrasts of color, focus, texture, linearity vs mass, A world in a flower.
    We Marylanders call Linaria vulgaris butter-and-eggs, or sometimes toadflax.

  2. Emily Schiller

    What a wonderful image! I love the lush feel of it, almost 3-D. The petals look thick. Are they?

  3. James K Wood

    We have another species here in Saskatchewan called “Butter and Eggs” viz. Linaria vulgaris

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    daniel i found an online site called found sf
    they have writings by an alice eastwood 60 years at a university
    she writes about how san franciso looked in 1890!
    how the wildflowers bloomed all around the land then how it
    looked in 1945, she was a botanist thank you daniel

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