Orobanche corymbosa

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some photographs from Thursday evening’s presentation on Orobanchaceae (the broomrape family). I’ve been hearing a few comments that even if a long write-up isn’t possible, simply sharing an image is okay, so let’s try that.

Orobanche corymbosa or flat-top broomrape, is native to western North America (including British Columbia), where it is frequently a parasite on members of the Asteraceae or sunflower family. In particular, these achlorophyllous plants often grow in association with big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata).

Orobanche corymbosa

9 responses to “Orobanche corymbosa”

  1. Jane / MulchMaid

    That is a lovely flower for a parasite! The slightly ghostly color is a harbinger (more likely a result?) of its nature, I guess.

  2. Charles Thirkill

    Beautiful flower, unfortunate name.
    Orobanche uniflora is an equally unfortunate name. Whether you call it Naked broomrape or One-flowered cancer root, it is a sad name for a beautiful flower.

  3. Connie Hoge

    It IS called Botany Photo of the Day…
    And I love it!
    Thank you.

  4. Donald DeLano

    Anything we get we cherish!! A good pictures is worth a thousands words and yours always seem to be batting a million.
    Many thanks from a Southern California fan. PS. – you photos seem to drive up my gasoline bill because I just have to go and see them myself sometimes. It has made for a few great vacation trips these past few years.

  5. quin

    yes, anything is fine – long write ups when you feel like it and have time – thank you for every entry, as well as the commenters’ thoughts

  6. KatieM

    I’m delighted there will be more photos, even with brief notes. The information is always appreciated but the photos are what make my day.
    Thanks Daniel.

  7. Dr R K S Rathore

    Many thanks for nice photo of Orobanche corymbosa. We in India have seen only O. aegyptiaca growing as parasite on Brassicas and a few weeds of other families.

  8. Alex

    Great photo, a really attractive Orobanche species, please more parasites on Botany Photo of the Day, they are very much enjoyed!

  9. Ingrid Glass

    Beautiful. I love the broomrapes. It’s exciting to see a flat topped one – we don’t get these here in UK. Thanks, Daniel.

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