Calypso bulbosa

Unfortunately, it is another busy week for me, so only a short entry today. Thank you to mossgreen2011@Flickr aka Michael McNaughton for sharing this photograph from June 2010 (Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool | original image). It’s appreciated.

The Calypso orchid has previously been featured on BPotD: Calypso bulbosa from May 2, 2005 and Calypso bulbosa from May 23, 2005. Like the species of Leontochir featured in the previous BPotD entry, it is monotypic (the only species in the genus).

Calypso bulbosa

5 responses to “Calypso bulbosa”

  1. Ron B

    Elaborate flower on a plant that otherwise takes a minimalist approach, with only one bloom, one leaf and one bulb per specimen.

  2. Linda

    The Calypso is a wonderful find. I always have loved John Muir’s description of his Calypso experience. Until I read this, I did not know he had wandered north of Toronto to the Holland Marsh, which was indeed, in his day, a very large swamp. The Calypso is one of the stars of the annual Bruce Orchid Festival, held the first week of June.

  3. Jini

    Any day a new BPotD arrives is a good day and this one is delightful. Thank you, Daniel. And thanks to Linda, for sending the John Muir writing on his discovery of Calypso. Those early plant explorers (including the many who came here through Colorado) are awe inspiring. I cannot imagine the difficulties and joys they faced.

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    my i do wish i looked like this lovely flower

  5. Don Fenton

    “Elaborate” and “minimalist”? 3 sepals, 3 petals, and a column which fuses stigma and anthers into one organ argues for complexity within apparent simplicity. Which echoes the above comment for rather different reasons. Orchids are my first [botanical] love.

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