5 responses to “Triteleia hendersonii”

  1. Edith

    There we go with the “Poison” again 😉 Hope you eventually do a series 🙂

  2. Eric Hunt

    Stunning. This is one of my absolute favorite genera. I was lucky to get photos of about 8 different species while in California.
    One of my favorites, from about 9600 feet / 2900 meters, near the Sonora Pass in the Sierra Nevada:

  3. Dahlia Balir

    Lovely! What is the “common name” of this flower? I think I’ve seen it in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  4. Wendy Cutler

    Very sweet flower and nice photos, and the write-up is fine, but Doodling In Math’s videos are amazing. Thanks for that link.

  5. Vernon Smith

    Ca, has many native species of Triteleia, including the fairly common “pretty-face” T. ixioides ssp. analina which is very similar – but not identical to – the rare species illustrated here. Calphotos.org has a picture-gallery.
    Contact (online or otherwise) your local chapter of the California Native Plant Society for info. on where to see local species of Tritelia.

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