Whipsaw Creek Road

Just the photograph today — exams for Katherine combined with a number of deadlines and meetings for me equals few entries, unfortunately.

Whipsaw Creek Road

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  1. Claire B., Saskatoon

    That picture really doesn’t need any words. It is beautiful all on its own. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Anna Wald

    what month was this taken in?

  3. marian morgan

    Such a beautiful photo – thanks for taking the time out to post it.

  4. Vienne Grainger

    Yes, but the quality’s quite high! And it’s lovely to see lupine and other summer flowers with the winter solstice arriving in 10 days …

  5. Sandyinz4

    Gorgeous pic and I know we all understand about December being a busy month. Just thankful for the pics you have time to post. Many good wishes for a wonderful new year.

  6. Diana Ferguson

    . . . as is . . . more than good enough! Thank you.

  7. Mirdza

    A flower filled meadow is a beautiful vision at this time of year! Thanks for your interesting postings.

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    Anna — August 10, 2011, elevation of about 1890m / 6200ft.

  9. Jane / MulchMaid

    This is simply a lovely image.
    Many thanks for your regular and fascinating posts this year. I don’t often comment, but I enjoy every one!

  10. CB

    I think this is probably just the vision many of us needed on this cold day! Thank you for everything you do.

  11. Sue.

    Thankyou Daniel, I agree the picture says it all.
    No words or apologies needed.

  12. FM

    Such a beautiful photo, it speaks for itself. We are so fortunate to live in a province with such beautiful flora. Thank you!

  13. Laila

    Thank You!

  14. Irma in sweden

    Just what I need on this day of Light here in Sweden when we celebrate Santa Lucia with children in white robes and some wearing crowns with candles singing songs early in the dark morning. But the pic of today really brings in the summer that is too many months away.

  15. Martha

    I’m amazed that you post as often as you do. Read them all and appreciate every single one.

  16. Melissa in South Carolina

    Daniel, you pulled a beautiful wildflower photo out of your magical hat. Reminds me of summer hikes in the Rockies. And then Irma’s lovely description from Sweden. Sigh… Thank you both!

  17. Tracy Evans

    Greetings Danial. I wanted to take this opportunity to comment on the search function for this site. It is impressive, user friendly, and provided just the information I for which I was searching. Thank you and happy holidays.

  18. bruce baillie- south arm fraser river.

    I drive past the end of the whipsaw a half a dozen time a year ,for various reasons, on my way to my friends cabin at Osprey lake. i have spent the majority of my seasons taking a trip there. cutting firewood in october was my last trip. new years eve bonfire and playing in the snow with my family is our next trip there. thank you for the wonder memories filled with senses of my youngest son Callums birthday weekend!! i can smell the warm ponderosa…..hear the crickets.

  19. Eric Simpson

    While I’m tempted to write the thousand words that picture is worth, I’ll stick to one (sort-of;-): WOW!

  20. Laurel

    Another beautiful photo to go in my screensaver/background file!
    What are the names of the 3 kinds of flowers? Is one Indian Paintbrush?
    Warm Ponderosa, crickets, slight breeze. Mountains close by I suspect. I’m homesick again.

  21. elizabeth a airhart

    i guess we could all sing christmas carols whilst we wait
    my favorite is the little drummer boy and come all ye faithful
    do you have a christmas tree in the gardens that would be nice
    a little mulled wine irma could make that put up our feet and wait
    thank you daniel fine fine picture santa says thanks for the maps

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