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  1. Bill Barnes

    The plant kingdom offers many examples of speciation confusion. While it is quite simple to offer that an Opuntia is a different species when compared to a Quercus but when one looks at species witin a group of Quercus, Betulacea, or Alnus then the distinctions are not so clear.
    It seems like some genera within the Asteracea follow the same patterns. Two things account for this , one is our lack of a definition of species thats fits all possibilities and second, hybrid swarms of species usually indicate a high degree of evolution within the group
    and a limited amount of segregation into separate species.

  2. usha desai

    Daniel: Superb photography. Who knew a gazania could be photographed so beautifully, all said I was wow, is it really a gazania?? because what we get in flower-shops of NYC sold a gazania may add color to the living room flower vases, BUT make for ugly flower portraits, never winning any photo competition.

  3. elizabeth a airhart

    to see a world in a grain of sand
    and a heaven in a wild flower
    hold infinity in the palm of your hand
    and eternity in an hour.
    w blake 1863
    just a wonderful picture all bright and so good to ones eyes
    the links take one off to the fields of africa what a grand sight
    wish i could go and best of all not on the danger list-thank you

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