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  1. bev

    I had the distinct pleasure of visiting this garden last summer, mostly because of lovely photos like these on BPotD. Thank you for this, Daniel!

  2. Wendy Scott

    Gorgeous and evocative photo, Daniel! If I ever get out to BC, I’ll definitely put this garden on the list of places to visit.

  3. phillip

    the mirror reflection of serenity in nature…beautiful…!

  4. Marie Gaetgaeow

    Today’s photo took my breath away when I saw it. I actually gasped! Thank you so much, Daniel.

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    lovely just lovely and over half a century of thought and care
    may i please ask if daniel knows what the large garden art might be
    it’s in the background behind the lovely orange gold leaves
    perhaps bev knows -do use the zoom or the one on your computer
    thank you daniel for shareing

  6. usha di

    Natural looking man-made garden…
    curvilinear “path-lines” recreate the Japanese art symbols of Ascending to the heavens..
    I loved it…
    No I am not Japanese, but the spiritual art is for every one and that’s why its appeal is universal..
    I thank you Daniel for an inspiring photograph…

  7. Liesl Zappler

    Very lovely photo, Daniel!
    Oh those cherries! Same problem everywhere in the PNW- everyone loves their pretty pretty cherries when they bloom, but the fungal problems, such as the brown rot, lead to fungicide applications. Same problem @ the UW campus- no one wants to think of a disease resistant flowering tree substitute. Alas, too many coffee table books with those *&%$!!! cherries!

  8. bev

    usha di: Even with the zoom I can only see a large Japanese lantern; is that what you are referring to? I am no expert in Japanese lanterns but it appears to resemble the kasuga type

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable can comment.

  9. Owen

    Wow- I love the great Autumn colour of the Acer!
    I love the red colour of the leaves- could anyone tell me what the best larger Maple tree is for red coloured leaves in autumn apart from the Japanese Maples? Over here in the UK we dont seem to have as good a display as you have in the states- we jsut have mainly yellows and oranges- not many reds!
    I love this site and look forward to checking it out everyday!
    Check out my blog for a few pics from London.

  10. Val Walsh

    Beautiful! Thank you. I also have this garden on my visit list, if I get to the other side of the country…

  11. Punam

    Daniel ,I am speech less !!thank you for beautiful evening !! I would love to see more of your work !! I do not know much about japanes plants ,but oh!!!!!! Those red leaves with reflection of the other tree makes it so colorful !!! Thank you for being there at right time !!

  12. hong

    Fall is always charming. The scarlet maple leaves are endearing in particular.

  13. Terry Hickman

    I have been enjoying all the gorgeous photos ever since I came across your web site a few weeks ago. This one really is outstanding!
    One thing I’d like to request: occasionally the text doesn’t identify where the sample photo is taken – as in, city, Country. Just the name of the Preserve or Park doesn’t usually tell me right away. I had to hunt for the location of this park. This is not the only web site I’ve had this problem – when one is deep in building their web page sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everyone knows where the subject is located.
    Thanks for this lovely, educational web site!

  14. Daniel Mosquin

    Terry, directly below the photograph is information on Institution / Location / and, in this case since I know where the image was taken, a direct link to a Google Map. It’s extremely rare for a photo to not have a location given with it on BPotD.

  15. Sheryl

    Absolutely breathtaking!

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