8 responses to “Magnolia champaca”

  1. *rob*

    where’s the scratch-n-sniff part of today’s entry?

  2. phillip

    ..when living in the Bay Area i remember magnolias in full bloom..heady…almost overpowering sweetness..

  3. Janey Pugh

    This is my favorite. I have four trees in my garden and treasure the flowers and their perfume.
    Always reminds me of Bali where my daughter lives. We buy them at the market, a great joy!
    Thanks for posting this wonderful plant.

  4. Shirley

    I remember this flower so well from my days in India. The smell is lovely. The flowers are used in Hindu worship.
    I didnt know that it was of Magnolia ancestry

  5. ralph

    i wonder what the hardiness zone is on the M. champaca… Ive seen yellow magnolia in NC zone 7 I wonder if its the same??? anyway I like this entry!

  6. N

    A little late in the day but to have someone bludgeon “10,000 jasmine flowers, 28 dozen roses, ylang ylang, [and] tuberose” to make 30mL of this perfume which retails for approximately 400 USD is absolute and sheer nonsense. This is how we end up losing our Bio-diversity-by placing inordinate demand on growing something that is used by a handful.

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    It is certainly extravagant, but I’m not so certain it is as black-and-white as that. I can imagine scenarios where it is indeed that detrimental, but can also easily imagine scenarios where sustainable harvesting leads to tipping the balance in favour of supporting biodiversity (and I also imagine there are more instances of the former than the latter).

  8. Francisca B

    I love Magnolia champaca! I have few of them in my garden. But they are very sensitive plants.

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