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  1. Ann Kent HTM

    Glorious, and being able to compare immediately to previous years added to the feast. Interesting that the leaves on the three young vine maples in my garden in Vancouver are still bright green. Thank you, Daniel. Ann

  2. Steven Randolph

    Daniel: thanks so much! “Vine maple” is truly one of the wonders of a Northwestern autumn. Interestingly, most of the vine maples I’ve seen in the lowlands around Seattle don’t turn the brilliant reds that they do up in the Cascades. Yellows and yellow-orange blends seem to be the norm. However, there’s one right by the 196th St on-ramp to I-405 in Bothell that is a brilliant red against the background of western redcedars. Makes me smile every time I pass by.
    Steven…Bothell, WA

  3. elizabeth a airhart

    The maple wears a gayer scarf
    The field a scarlet gown
    Lest i should be old fashioned
    I’ll go put a trinket on. emily dickinson american poet
    i live in florida fall is more gentle here but my memories are of the
    north where i was born and the glory of the fall
    thank you daniel

  4. phillip

    …I drove for a rural public school bus in New Hampshire…1976..dirt roads…and the trees at the canopy made a tunnel through them…miles and miles of maple…every day a breathtaking change of color…unbelievable..

  5. Anne

    Steven, you make me want to go for a drive from Ballard just to see your tree:). With all the specialty maples out there, I still love this one for the size that keeps it at a height we can appreciate up close.

  6. John Andre

    The vine maple of the western U.S. appears to be more closely related to the Japanese maple species planted here in the East as ornamentals than to the native “hard” and “soft” maples which grow here. Am I right on this?

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    John, yes — maples are grouped into sections and series, and Acer circinatum and the collective “Japanese maples” are all part of Section Palmata and Series Palmata.

  8. Jan Phillips

    GLORIOUS! I want one

  9. kate

    Ah, the beauty of autumn leaves. Thanks!

  10. Gabrielle

    Just beautiful, and a sight for sore eyes. Not much color here in southern New England. Salt damage from Hurricane Irene and warm wet weather have made the fall color so far mostly dull greenish brown.

  11. kcflowers

    What an amazing photo display! Thanks from someone in California, where contrary to popular opinion, we do have beautiful fall color from grapevines, Chinese Pistach, Japanese maples, but we don’t have the intense color shown in your photographs.

  12. iris lefluer

    Ahhh Phillip, how wonderful you got a rural route for your bus! I live in Vermont and although the wet spring has washed out much colour, the maples still make the “tunnel” its a beautiful glowing tunnel of colour along the dirt roads. You can cruise along past the vinyards (yes vermont has vinyards) and the grape leaves are so brilliant red against the grey sky and green meadows,what a lovely world we live in.

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