Rainiera stricta

Known only from the Cascades of Washington and Oregon states, Rainiera stricta is the sole member of its genus. Within the highly-diverse aster family, Rainiera belongs to the tribe Senecioneae, so it is most closely-related to composite genera such as Senecio, Packera (ragworts and groundsels), Petasites (butterburs) and Luina (silverbacks). It is perhaps most closely related to the latter, as it was at one time described as being in Luina. That taxonomic hypothesis seems to have been rejected, with some going so far as to commonly call it “false silverback”. Other common names include tongueleaf rainiera or simply rainiera.

These photographs are from August of 2009, and this plant was indeed growing in the habitat and elevation as described by Flora of North America for Rainiera stricta: “Moist soils, open slopes, meadows; … 900-2000m”. The soils and vegetation were so moist on this particular day (a heavy, cold rain) that I had to change pants and shoes upon returning to the vehicle.

Additional photographs of the species are available from the Burke Museum: Rainiera stricta.

Rainiera stricta
Rainiera stricta

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  1. elizabeth a airhart

    lovely flower is it not and all the little drops of rain ?
    thank you daniel

  2. Endang

    Beautiful flower with ice drops. Splendid picture.

  3. Equisetum

    Wow, I hope your camera survived!
    What an un-Asteraceae looking plant, at first glance.
    Wonderful photo, one of those one chance in a lifetime ops and you took it.
    Wish you could keep the EXIF on photos.

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