11 responses to “Paepalanthus stellatus”

  1. Irma in Sweden

    The fourth photo looks like a field of aliens! What wonderful structures in the plant world you show us every day.

  2. Earl Blackstock

    Thank you for once again taking me to places I never would have seen and information I never would have known without this wonderful site.

  3. phillip

    …a Peacock plant…!

  4. Stuart Adank

    LOVING the botanically wild nomenclature to describe such an authentic plant individual!
    Hot Plant

  5. Van

    Ah, so that’s what that is. Thank you.

  6. Elizabeth Revell

    The fourth photograph looks like tiny starburst fireworks going off all over the field of green.

  7. Svetlana

    Endangered? Why not sell seeds?!
    I want some! :))

  8. Diana Ferguson

    Magnificent – once again can see something amazing from far away. Thanks you!

  9. sue

    Thankyou once more I also have been transported away
    to another part of this beautiful world we visit for such a short time.

  10. elizabeth a airhart

    show girl hats delightful and interesting would they like fl
    are there light poles in the background fourth picture
    thank you nature is a wonderment

  11. OrchidGrowinMan

    I had never seen this!
    It’s even cooler than Eriocaulon, which I have for years been trying to get someone to grab me some seeds of.
    I think Eriocaulon, and maybe this too, could be attractive specimens for pot culture. At least _I_ think they’re interesting.
    Why is it so often true that people living where a plant is common (like Eriocaulon) do not see any value to it, and can’t understand that anyone else would?

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