Nolina nelsonii

Alexis wrote today’s entry:

Sergio Niebla (sergioniebla@Flickr) took this photograph of two plants of Nolina nelsonii plants (with Agave americana on the right) in La Reforma, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Thank you, Sergio! This species is native only to the state of Tamaulipas, though it is also cultivated, especially in Texas.

Blue nolina or Nelson’s bear grass goes by the scientific name Nolina nelsonii. Its physical appearance is often compared to species of Yucca, another genus in Asparagaceae. Nolina nelsonii leaves are narrow and long, up to about 80 cm in length, with miniscule teeth lining their margins. Plants resemble a small trees, with a head of the rigid, blue-green leaves sitting atop a 1-3.7m tall trunk. The inflorescence that protrudes from the foliage can measure 2-3.4m in length, adding to the plant’s already unusual appearance.

Nolina nelsonii prefers well-drained soils and sunny environments. Not only is it drought tolerant, but it can also survive freezing temperatures down to -12°C. (Irish & Irish’s Agaves, Yuccas, and Related Plants (2000))

Nolina nelsonii

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  1. Bonnie

    I would venture to say those points are quite sharp. 🙂

  2. Steve

    I’m not up on the latest nomenclature at least not since 2000 but,I thought Yucca was a genus in liliacea. Has this since changed? Nolina bigelovii from the Calif desert is one Iam familiar with.

  3. steve

    I just answered my own question! Thanks Wikipedia!

  4. Sue

    Thankyou , does anyone know how old these plants are?
    Do they live for a long time?

  5. Eric in SF

    I’m still a little unsettled from the new families in APG III myself. I’ve not studied taxonomy formally but the sensu lato approach of APG III just feels odd to me.

  6. elizabeth a airhart

    aliens from another life all full of spikes and have thier
    scopes up looking over the new land -the one on the right
    is sending the pictures back -great view fine picture
    i wonder if we ever had the poodle dog bush? article on line
    la sunday times thank you all – too hot to be serious

  7. Eric Simpson

    re: APG III: Looks like the lumpers have won this round.

  8. sergioniebla

    It is a single plant that i photographed in the hill called ” Las Mulas” one of the higher elevations of the Sierra of the Municipality of Victoria in Tamaulipas. N. nelsonii is regularly in the municipalities of Palmillas, Miquihuana and Tula, Tamaulipas; however, in the municipality of Victoria there is a beautiful and small population, perhaps 150 adult individuals, in El Cerro de las Mulas, same that are in serious danger of being destroyed. When the plant is an adult, its trunk is used for various domestic purposes by the settlers of the region because they don’t know the great value of this beautiful population of N. nelsonii….
    I think that we could do a good job of rescue to conserve the species that remain in El Cerro de Las Mulas …. Thank you for publishing ….

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