Clematis occidentalis var. grosseserrata

Last in the series on the buttercup family and the last brief entry (for at least a couple weeks):

Clematis occidentalis var. grosseserrata, or western blue virginsbower, is restricted to western North America whereas a second variety, var. occidentalis is only found in eastern North America. A third variety, Clematis occidentalis var. dissecta occurs only in the Wenatchee Mountains and adjacent ranges in Washington state.

These photographs were taken the first time I encountered the species in the wild, sometime in early to mid-June.

Clematis occidentalis var. grosseserrata
Clematis occidentalis var. grosseserrata

4 responses to “Clematis occidentalis var. grosseserrata”

  1. Connie Hoge

    Skinny little critters with long blue ears are grazing on the aspen leaves.
    Isn’t the spring green a beautiful foil for this recent series!

  2. elizabeth a airhart

    the fairys like to use clematis for umbrellas when it rain
    tis the 24th to my friends up north happy discovery day
    fete nationale day and happy midsummers day

  3. sue

    Hi Daniel, Thankyou for that and the last few Pictures, Hope you
    enjoy your time off, if it is time off!!!!!!!! Looking forward to when you are back.

  4. Sheryl

    These are quite widely found in Alberta, in the foothills of the Rockies, especially in areas such as Kananaskis Country.

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