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  1. Janey Pugh

    I wonder if it smells like Cempaka, Michellia. Yellow and also white variety Alba from Sth East Asia.?

  2. Scott Ranger

    Absolutely lovely photo artistically, plus it shows the umbrella form of the leaves, the very large and simple branch pattern and, of course, the flowers. I found myself just looking at the photo and enjoying it for its beauty and a tree I know well but now in Alaska, a long ways from. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mary Wilson

    Thank you for the stunning photo..What a peaceful place to walk in..

  4. Radek

    I would like to know when this tree is in flower. One grows locally at the UoG Arboretum, and I would love to see this spectacle with my own eyes. Great shot by the by, I love the way the sun brighten the leaves and the flower, while the shadows and dark branches add depth. Thanks.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    This photograph was taken on May 1, if memory serves.

  6. Alice Jordon

    Beautiful photo! Love the lighting.

  7. Victoria Oyama

    Thank you for the beautiful photo. I immediately recognised it as a close cousin of the Magnolia obovata, one of my favourite trees.
    Twenty-eight years ago I planted a Magnolia obovata in my garden in Tochigi prefecture, Japan. It was just as thick as my thumb then and took more than fifteen years to flower. Luckily our house has a second storey from which to look down upon the blossoms. The flowers and the leaves are huge.
    In Japan the leaves are used to cook hoba miso,which is leeks, mushrooms and special miso placed on a sun-dried Hoba (magnolia obovata) leaf and grilled on a charcoal fire. “The scent of Hoba leaf and the taste of fragrant miso excite the appetite.”
    I used a real leaf to make a mould for a porcelain plate which proved to be quite popular.
    The wood is used for carving woodblocks for prints and also for geta, a traditional kind of Japanese sandal (?).

  8. elizabeth a airhart

    thank you daniel lovely lovely tree in all its glory
    knew you were comeing and put on its southern charm
    happy you were in my home country come again daniel

  9. phillip

    …beautiful..serene and peaceful…
    Magnolia’s always bring to my mind as a almost sickening sweet vanilla..amazing not to know everything every day.

  10. Keith

    Thank you Daniel, that is a beautiful photograph.

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