16 responses to “Magnolia sprengeri ‘Eric Savill’”

  1. Karin in Sweden

    Exquisite! We’re as patient as can be. This is so worth waiting for 🙂

  2. Irma in Sweden

    The tricks late afternoon light can play on things. It looks so spooky!
    I really hope that all the problems you have will sort themselves out soon. You would think that in this time and age it would be possible to get systems that just work but oh no they get even more complicated. A telephone is no longer just a telephone but a entertainmen centre and advanced computer and making an ordinary phone call is sometimes difficult with all new settings.
    Keep up the very good job. You bring so much joy with every posting!

  3. bev

    WOW! An exquisite photo! We have been lucky here in the East with magnolias this season; a spectacular one.
    I hate computers. They are inventions of the devil. (:

  4. Michael Stewart

    Beautiful and well worth the wait. I was not aware that Magnolia flowers were any color other than white. I hope to visit the Gardens soon.

  5. Maged in USA

    Thanks Daniel for this effort. It always is rewarding to start the day here in the US looking at those beautiful photos we receive.

  6. Bonnie

    A beautiful photograph! Well done!

  7. Gail Shewchuk

    Another beauty! Hang in there Daniel … all great things are worth waiting for.

  8. LisaS_AK

    Gorgeous photo! Thanks for all your work on the website; it looks great!

  9. Arden

    Yours is the first email I open. Such a treasure. Thanks, again.

  10. Eric Simpson

    Just gorgeous, Daniel… both the pic and the new site design.
    That said, I tried to “like” this entry, but what appeared on my Facebook page was the previous entry.

  11. phillip

    …’Sugar Magnolia’..I just had to..

  12. Daniel Mosquin

    How curious, Eric. I just had a look at the code on the page, and it shows the URL as pointing to this one. Did you try it earlier today or just prior to your comment?

  13. Cyndy Henderson

    Stunning photograph!! No need to apologize, I cannot imagine the stress associated with this huge project. WE
    out here can be patient. Good luck, Daniel!

  14. elizabeth a airhart

    just lovely thank you daniel
    adobe flash player wants me to dowm load
    a new and up to date one and no kidding
    will have to call someone in to help no kidding
    we all deserve a lovely spring after the winter

  15. Eric Simpson

    Daniel, I tried just before posting my comment. I just tried it again a moment ago, and it’s working fine now.

  16. Malcolm

    Eric this is a fantastic photo. Do share more please.

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