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  1. Elizabeth Barrow


  2. Walt

    I forget the details but had heard of this cherry being brought into cultivation in the late 1600’s due to an emperor noticing cherry blossoms in a Kyoto courtyard in late fall, a time of year when there was not any cherry known to bloom. He sent couriers out to locate the source and when they discovered a single tree in bloom in a private garden, grafts were made from that early, erratically blooming specimen hence the name, ‘Autumnalis’

  3. Elizabeth Brodie

    O I just can’t wait for all the lush fluffy bounty of blooms!!!
    In fact, right now, along Pacific Blvd in English Bay, there are about a dozen early blooming cherries to tease us before everything just bursts!! What is it, 42 days until the Spring Equinox???

  4. Melissa in South Carolina

    Cherry Blossom time is lovely all over the world, isn’t it?

  5. Eric in SF

    Flowering cherries are out in full strength in San Francisco. They arrived 2-3 weeks earlier this year than last year.

  6. Willy in Michigan

    Ahhh…hope springs eternal! Thank you for lifting my spirits. It’s hard to believe that spring blossoms like this are so near yet so far from here. As you said Elizabeth, “42 days until the Spring Equinox” (approx.)!

  7. Veronica (Ottawa ON)

    So uplifting on a sub-zero, blistery day in February — another good reason to move to Vancouver!

  8. Sajedeh Aliabadi

    V.V.Beautiful & Excellent.

  9. Troy Mullens

    Waiting anxiously !!!!!
    Great photos

  10. Barbara Lamb

    Thanks for the reminder that spring will come! (-15 C in Toronto today…)

  11. elizabeth a airhart

    cherry blossoms-
    of years past. basho 1644-1694
    i have deep memories of cherry blossom time up north in nj and in dc
    the picture is just lovely thank you branch brook park still there
    my issue of horticulture magazine is here public gardens in america feb/mar
    with a lovely spread on the smithsonian gardens, daniel, with this link
    http://gardens.si.edu and click archives of american gardens

  12. Wendy Cutler

    Is Meighan a natural Cherry Scout or what! She just signed up to be a scout a couple of weeks ago and she’s already on the job.
    If you’re in the Vancouver area and want to join the group (we teach you what and where, you tell us when by posting photos on the forums, and you also seek out undocumented locations), have a look at the Cherry Scouts page on the festival’s website.

  13. Eric in SF

    Wendy kindly pointed out that the flowering tree I posted earlier is a flowering plum, not a cherry. Thanks for the correction, Wendy!

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