6 responses to “Primula hendersonii”

  1. Irma in Sweden

    Wonderful. Have tried to grow the Shooting stars here in Stockholm but they have been very shortlived probably due to not suitable growing place

  2. Dan Post

    I noticed that Claire did not discuss the suggested lumping of Dodecatheon into Primula (horrors!). I’ve read what James Reveal presented in Flora of NA, plus the Wikipedia entry regarding paraphyletic and monophyletic, and still don’t understand it all. An explanation here would be helpful.

  3. Eric in SF

    These are in bloom now here in the Bay Area. I’m heading out for my first wildflower photo hike of the 2011 season on Saturday and should get some good photos.

  4. Tyler

    Another spectacular entry – and beautiful photo!

  5. Michael F

    “An explanation here would be helpful” – briefly, some species of Primula are more closely related to some species listed as Dodecatheon, than they are to other species of Primula.
    So either one can merge Dodecatheon into Primula as one genus (the most widely suggested option), or else split Primula up into several genera (might be a better option!) so that the above situation no longer applies.

  6. sarah

    Stunning! It looks like the love child of aquilegia and cyclamen!

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