11 responses to “Primula clevelandii var. patula”

  1. Troy Mullens

    Nice photo.
    Winter has just barely started, and I am ready for the spring flowers already.
    Sigh !!!!

  2. phillip

    wow..!..a inside-out flower looking like a purple bumblebee..!

  3. CaroleM

    Phillip: Well said.

  4. Renee in Texas

    That has got to be the coolest flower I have ever seen. Screen saver material for sure. Thanks Daniel and crew for all you do.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    I had an email requesting the origin of the name Dodecatheon: it translates to a dozen (dodeka-) gods (-theos). The Flora of North America write-up on Dodecatheon suggests that it was an ancient name used by Pliny and given to a spring flower (likely primrose) that was said to be protected by twelve principal Greek gods.

  6. Eric Simpson

    Love this photo, Daniel. Reminds me of a (very colorful) dog riding in a car with its head out the window.-)
    Pinnacles is an awesome place, though, I must admit, on my one and only visit I was paying more attention to the rock formations than the biota. However, it was the first place I ever really took notice of Indian paintbrush. And I remember a large number of snakes and lizards.

  7. Michael F

    As an aside, the genus Dodecatheon is now usually merged into Primula (as its separation leaves Primula paraphyletic): http://www.ars-grin.gov/cgi-bin/npgs/html/genus.pl?3908

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    Well, at least the names will be easier to spell.

  9. elizabeth a airhart

    lovely just lovely i see a grand headress for the ballet
    a mid summers night dream
    daniel i went to the link on daniel cleveland and within the page
    as you know are flower links to click on,they took me to
    the wildflowers and other plants of southern california by
    michael l charters -thank you wonderful website the trip
    up mount wilson slide show is just very good thank you happy 2011

  10. Eric in SF

    Pinnacles was my favorite wildflower hike of 2010.
    The dizzying array of wildflowers plus the jaw-dropping scenery at every step made for a spectacular combo.
    Tip for wildflower enthusiasts: Enter Pinnacles from the *WEST* side! Pinnacles is a premier rock climbing destination for Northern California. The eastern side is favored by the climbers, as it has campgrounds. Waits for parking can be hours-long on weekend mornings from the east while the west parking is empty.

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