Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

Another entry from Claire today. She writes:

This photograph of Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi was taken at the Rutgers Floriculture Greenhouse by Elena (mycologie@Flickr) and provided to us via the BPotD Flickr Pool. Much appreciated, Elena!

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi belongs to a family of succulent herbaceous species and soft-stemmed shrubs, the Crassulaceae. Crassulaceae has about 34 genera and 1370 species spread over a wide range of the world (frequently in drier regions). This family is known for CAM photosynthesis, which they and many other groups of taxa utilize. CAM is an acronym for Crassulacean Acid Metabolism, an adaptive strategy to allow maximum water storage.

This beautiful species is a native of Madagascar, but is widely cultivated as an ornamental and houseplant. As it is a succulent, it requires little water and is very low maintenance. Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi easily establishes and can take root from even one leaf being transplanted (it has escaped cultivation and become invasive in some subtropical places).

The common name is lavender scallop, due to the slightly purplish/pinkish tinge of the leaves. Some pictures of the vegetative parts can be found on the University of Connecticut’s Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Greenhouses site: Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi.

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

5 responses to “Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi”

  1. Shirley Meneice

    How can it be so good looking with a name like that?

  2. wendy

    Oh come on Shirley! A rose by any other name is a rose is a rose is a rose….

  3. Bonnie

    Yet my kalonchoe has a different type of bloom. Another I have in a pot, never blooms. Invasive always fascinates me. I love my coral vine but…

  4. sue

    They look a bit like evening gowns to me!

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    lovely indeed and grow very well here in florida daves garden has info
    i agree lovely gowns indeed- better homes and garden magazine pp 107
    has a photo of another kind of kalanchoes on glass shelves in a window
    thank you claire fine write up and all the links are always helpful

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