Malus ‘Creston’

We start our October series on “Plant Biodiversity and Food” with our nearly-annual photograph of an apple (not sure what happened in 2007), a reference to UBC Botanical Garden’s Apple Festival. The Apple Festival is our most well-attended event of the year, and it’s a great opportunity to sample some apples one’s never tried before (previous year’s BPotD apples: Malus ‘Elstar’, Malus ‘Jonagold’, Malus ‘Melrose’, Malus ‘Golden Russet’, Malus SPA493 and Malus ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’). I’ve just checked the booklet, and all of these are available this year for purchase or tasting, along with dozens and dozens more.

Since the booklet has great descriptions of the varieties, I’ll quote from it to start: [Malus ‘Creston’ was] released from the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Apple Breeding Program in Summerland, British Columbia in 1997. In tests, it finishes in the top two for crispness, juiciness, sweetness and flavour. Its parents are ‘Golden Delicious’ and an unreleased test apple,” Malus ‘NJ 381049’; it was originally bred in 1966 at Rutgers University, though the seedling was planted in Summerland in 1969. Around the office, we sampled the apple in today’s photograph, and it was universally liked: crisp, tangy to start but developing into sweetness and definitely juicy. It would be on my list of favourites to purchase at the Apple Festival, but I doubt any will remain by the time I can purchase after my volunteering stint.

For additional information on Malus ‘Creston’, please see the US Patent for Malus ‘Creston’ or the Cultivar Description of Malus ‘Creston’ (PDF) from the Canadian Journal of Plant Science.

Malus 'Creston'

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  1. Autumnjoy57

    Looks like an apple 🙂

  2. Deb Lievens

    I am more than a little acquainted with apples having been married to an “apple man” for 40 years. But that excellent picture makes me want to go find a juicy apple to snack on. Haven’t heard of that apple in NH yet, but will check around.

  3. Kathleen Garness

    If you love apples, check out the new book by British botanical artist Rosie Sanders. Really amazing!!!
    My favorite apple is Northern Spy. I wonder how it got that name, too?

  4. phillip

    they have a ‘champagne golden’ in hondo valley new mexico…people will line up for miles to get them…

  5. judy balasch

    I often use apples to describe my marriage. My husband’s favorite apple is the Granny Smith so much so that we can have baskets full of other apples but to him there are no apples in the house. My favorite is Red Delicious. It is a great example of how opposites attract.

  6. Troy Mullens

    I guess I will be baking an Apple Pie today (Granny Smith of course).

  7. Tall Clover

    I’ve compiled a list of great apples that have grown well for me in the Seattle area:

  8. elizabeth a airhart

    when i was growing up in my home state of new jersey driveing out to
    the countryside in autum was a treat looking for apples my favorite
    the golden delicious and any apple for homemade applesuce pink skins
    made lovely sauce and big apples for warm baked apples and heavy cream
    thank you daniel

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